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小学生英语作文 篇1

  My humorous friend

  She doesn’t have long hair, but big eyes ,a small mouth . She is very slim .Her hobbies are taking photos , speaking English , playing badminton and reading books . There’re a lot of books in her bookshelves . She is very interested and humorous .

  Today , she went to the south sea square . She met a man . The man said : ‘Miss , can you help me ?’ ‘Ok, what can I do for you ?’ ‘Can you look for my dog ? ’ The man said : ‘ Oh!’ She said : ‘ A dog ! A dog! Go left and at the corner of the cafe shop , you can see it ! ’ ‘;Oh! Dear ! ’ The man came up to the corner and picked his dog . She came to the dog and told it ‘ Buby , be careful next time ! Don’t lose your master again .

  The man smiled and left her .

  Yes , this is my best and humorous friend .

  Do you line her?

小学生英语作文 篇2

  l am a student, julie. l am an outgoing girl.My proverb is that to make every day count. what's more, Singing song is one of my best hobbies. I often listen to music alone and write some articles. I like losing my face without shy.Meanwhile,I think it is important for me to konw oneself and challenge myself. I believe that if possibe,I will change my life according to knowledage around us.

小学生英语作文 篇3

  Today,I'm planning to do some exercises on my summer vacation in order to make me stronger.If you ask what the summer vacation in my dream is ,I'll tell you traveling around the world is the only one dream I have.

  I'm interested in traveling,because I can meet lots of different people and can do some sightseeing in the places of interest all over the world.How interesting it is!

  I hope I can have two summer vacations in a year.

小学生英语作文 篇4

  I have a kindly mother, she has a long black hair, a pair of bright eyes of God.

  I remember last winter, my mother was sick, braved the cold, riding a bike, came to the school to meet me, my mother riding a bike with me home, on the road, I could not help but hit a sneeze, my mother heard, quickly get off, asked me:? you get cold I said: not cold. Mother touched my little ear and said: ears so cool! Speaking, put her earmuffs down, brought me. Mom sat on the car and said: holding me, this will be warm. I do what my mother, hugged her tightly. Really felt the waves of warmth.

  Home, the mother then go to the kitchen to cook, a little while, my mother came to I like to eat tomato eggs and fried chicken soup. When we had finished the meal, I went to write homework, my mother went to the bowl, sweep, clean up the housework, and carefully check my homework, counseling my homework.

  When I sleep only to find that my mother's face red, hot body, the original mother fever, she also said with a smile: nothing, the child, you sleep! Mother to eat the film will be good.

  This is my mother, she is sick, still take care of me in every possible way, care about me, I like my mother.

小学生英语作文 篇5









小学生英语作文 篇6

  I have many friends, they each is very severe.

  My friend has trees, grass, flowers, fish, dog, cat, frogs, birds, the ants, the earthworm, cricket, bee... Trees can make me cool in the hot summer, the grass can let me every day can see green, flower can let I could smell fragrant breath every day, the little fish can wait me to learn tired to depict, the dog to play with me running, cat can give me scratching, frogs and birds would it be possible for me to evaluate who sings best, ants can tell me when it rains, earthworms can help me to flowers scarification, two cricket can let me see that only worse, can let me eat the fresh honey bees.

  My best friend is PeiYi Yang, he always come when I most lonely and helpless, both of us to help each other, solidarity and affection, what good things to share together.

  Good my good friend!





小学生英语作文 篇7

  My favorite animal is pandas. He name is Beibei, he is blak and white. I like Beibei very much, becavse he is so cute, and he is kind of shy. Beibei form the China. He is five years old. Is so many people take photos with beibei. I want to see the beibei, i want to take photos with beibei. He live in the Beijing zoo.

小学生英语作文 篇8

  Spring comes, all things recover, the earth is a lively scene, spring, dreamlike season!

  Winter just quietly walked, the early spring is quietly coming. It is the coming of the earth to renew, let us say goodbye to the winter cold, ushered in the warmth of spring!

  In the early morning, I could see the swallows flying above and in the sky in the campus, as if they were saying, "spring is coming, spring is coming". Not only can the swallow feel spring, but I can feel it, because every time the breeze blows, I can smell a fragrance. And we took off our winter clothes and put on a fashionable spring suit.

  In spring, the earth rose from the cold, and was cut and cut out of the old grass, and the bud was strong. Without artificial cultivation, they are under the wind and rain moisten and caresses of sunlight, grow up, the sixth grade composition spring, fantastic season!. At this point, the vegetation, foil with red, white, yellow, such as flowers, the breeze is blowing the rich smell of grass pollen, drill straight to the heart. We open your mouth breathing the fresh air deeply.

  Spring is also a good season for flying kites. All kinds of kites are flying in the bright sky. Yesterday, the sun was shining brightly, and my uncle and I went to helong sports square to fly a kite. There are many people in the square, and the kite is so strange that all the people are intoxicated in the world of kites. Feel the warmth of spring!

小学生英语作文 篇9

  my english friend name is jim.

  he is ten, his family in london,he and his family member comes our china to play.he has a cosin,he name is qianyu hi is oniy four years old,but he has a lot of questions.look he is pointing at the chopsticks to ask that my this is anything.

  I and jim has become the good friend .several days later jim said that he wanted, he said that i love china .i will forget that you zhou lei, will have free time london to look at me .ok see you jim.see you.




小学生英语作文 篇10